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Soul Cypher is a community-based therapeutic container that utilizes the art of freestyle rap as a pathway to personal and community empowerment. 

Why Freestyle Rap? 

Studies have shown that Freestyle Rap is a powerful tool for healing. It assists in lowering stress levels, reducing anxiety and depression, strengthening social bonds, improving cognitive function through pattern recognition and problem-solving skills, and increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Soul Cypher is a 30-day group intensive, facilitated by me, where participants are given 12 asynchronous Dragon Challenge Rhyme Prompts (3 per week) where participants receive a beat and reflection (in-depth feedback) along with community encouragement in the group setting. It also includes 3 two-hour guided Freestyle Masterclass Video Sessions.

90 Minute Sessions

3 Virtual Workshops 

Free 1:1 Session

Bi-Weekly Calls

Integration Finale Cypher 

Telegram Group 

Real Time Feedback  

Learn to Freestyle 

Enhance your Freestyle

Supportive Group Container

30 Day Support 

3 Weekly Cypher Assignments 

12 Total Assignments

Free your voice & ideas


Co-founder/Host of
Freestyle Mondays NYC 

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