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Find calm in the flow

Unlock YOUR Authentic Voice
Through Freestyle Rap & Somatic Integration

Join a revolutionary movement that blends the transformative power of meditation and shadow work with an elemental force of Hip Hop
-the Freestyle.


Do you find that despite your success and achievements, you sometimes feel unfulfilled or disconnected from your purpose?


Did you grow up in an environment where expressing yourself freely wasn't encouraged or was actively discouraged?

-i.e. "Better to be seen than heard"


Do you struggle with feelings of anxiety, stress, or overwhelm and are looking for a new way to find stillness and calm?

Do you find yourself code-switching frequently to fit into different social and professional environments, but feel like you're sacrificing your true voice in the process?

Are you looking for a safe, supportive, and creative space to explore your true expression?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, Soul Cypher may be the solution to reconnect with yourself.. 

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What if we could help you develop new habits that would boost your performance as if you've been doing them for years?

Through our unique Freestyle-based methods, we offer a transformative experience that promotes personal growth, healing, and self-awareness. 


By tapping into the subconscious mind through Freestyle rap, Soul Cypher enables individuals to explore their deepest thoughts and emotions, ultimately leading to greater self-acceptance and confidence.

With a dedicated community of like-minded individuals, Soul Cypher is more than just a Coaching Program; we are a movement that is changing the way people approach personal growth, connection, self-trust, and self-work. 

Top 3 Obstacles to Full Self-Expression
in  High Achievers


Fear can prevent us from taking risks and expressing ourselves authentically. Even the most successful of us can be afraid of falling short of our own expectations or the expectations of others.


We may overanalyze our words and actions, which can lead to a sense of self-doubt and hesitation when it comes to expressing ourselves authentically.


If we have been silenced or invalidated in the past, we may struggle to speak up in the present. This may be one of the reasons we have become high performance individuals.

We know we thrive when we...

Discover our authentic voice and use it to tap into our inner creative flow and express ourselves freely. 


Confront and overcome limiting beliefs, enabling us to achieve higher levels of success and fulfillment.

Process the pressure of high-performance, allowing us to perform at our best in challenging circumstances.


Tap into the wisdom of our subconscious mind, empowering us to overcome systemic obstacles and challenge cultural norms. 

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Meet Your Coach


As a dedicated Creative Coach (23 years), Trauma and Somatic-informed Coach, Psychedelic-informed Coach, and Reiki 2 practitioner, I have been helping high-performing creatives and entrepreneurs unlock their true potential through artistic expression.

My co-founding, hosting, and producing of Freestyle Mondays for over 21 years has allowed me to incorporate my favorite elements of Hip Hop into my coaching methods. My training in Interpersonal Neurobiology has given me tools to assist you with your development of a healthy mind, integrated brain, and compassionate, connected relationships.  

I understand the demands of high-performance living, having spent 4-6 months touring globally each year. My experiences on stages in 28 countries around the world as a rapper, DJ, and/or host for popular festivals and large brands have given me a unique perspective on how to navigate success while remaining true to my self-care regiment and overall well-being.


My passion for creativity and personal growth has led me to write and perform music for several commercials, movies, and television shows. I'm also honored to be a US Cultural Ambassador of Hip Hop, representing a Black art form and culture worldwide through the US State Department.


With over 20 years of experience coaching creatives and entrepreneurs, I believe that unlocking one's creativity is a powerful tool for self-expression and personal growth. Through my work as a performer, coach, and mentor, I am dedicated to helping others unleash their full potential and live their best lives.


Experience a new approach to personal growth and self-expression that embraces both ancient wisdom and modern artistry.


*I'm proud to prioritize All Black and Brown individuals. 


*Soul Cypher Micro and Macro Psychedelic Integration is now available. Hit the button and let's chat about it.

Client List:

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